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Dongxing is a technology manufacture specializing in fiber and yarn processing. We work with customers to provide intelligent and practical solutions to help our customers achieve their business goals.
Dongxing currently has two major business departments, the machine-make
department and the Yarn Processing Business department. The Spinning Division customizes high-quality fiber to yarn automation solutions for customers. The Yarn Processing Division provides customers with solutions for twisting and developing new products.

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Technical team
Mask Ear Loop Machine
Mask Ear Loop Machine

1. An ingot can produce 4500 meters a day 2. According to the needles of different specifications, the hollow belt of each specification can be woven. 3. Simple operation, easy to get started.

Winder Machine
Doubling Machine
Twisting machine
Chenille Machine
Dongxing Textile
Focus on fiber and yarn processing, providing intelligent and practical solutions
Core Strength

The company has a professional design team, according to the different needs of the market, design and production of different textile equipment to maximize customer satisfaction.
Product advantages

The company's textile machinery has the advantages of high efficiency, reliable operation, convenient operation, convenient maintenance and high cost performance.
Technical Support

The company passed  ISO9001certification.Close to the market, innovative and enterprising, developed a series of large roll double twist level series.
After-sales Service

The company has set up a professional after-sales service team with excellent technical service and enthusiasm to quickly solve the technical problems in the production process and solve the worries of users.
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